Montag, 14. April 2014

We watched Frozen on Sunday, while watching the snow. I sat down in front of the fireplace and pet the dogs, almost just like home. Then we had an awesome dinner and stared into our phones and "rested our eyes" as Laura put it. I felt insanely popular after receiving 7 friend requests (thanks to prom!), I downloaded all those pictures and realised how much I was going to miss those people.
Well, sure I miss my german people and they keep asking when exactly I will come home and I'm looking forward to a concert in Berlin and I miss my pets but I just started making some friends over here.
People are so awesome. They're more individual, they have fun, they like the same bands as me, the same movies, the same books..
The ones who are not participating in the exchange program keep telling me to come back and visit and I want to but I know that we'll never be that close, we'll never really get to know each other and that kind of upsets me.
Anyways, something about my experience with food ..
I'm used to stronger taste, I'm used to portions that you can actually finish, I'm used to not having to throw food away, I'm used to separating trash and recycling, I'm used to having to pay for every single drink and I'm surely not used to dry, mexican food.
I feel more healthy, is that possible?
Here I eat candy for breakfast (that's not the family's fault) but still I feel better than on a normal day back home.
That's it for now.

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