Montag, 14. April 2014

I just realised I'd been kind of lazy about this blog but I figured that if I just told you what I do all day that wouldn't be very entertaining.
I just made friends with a trash can outside the classroom, I guess I should've asked it out to prom.
I love how I've met people from all kinds of different cultures, countries, religions and regions and..
they're all the same in the end.
We eat the same way, laugh about the same things, are sad in similar situations, like the same things, help others out and I just LOVE that.
It's amazing to see how easily you can get along with everyone as soon as you stop focusing on the differences.
I just wanted to say that, the thought came to me the other day while we were having dinner.
We watched Frozen on Sunday, while watching the snow. I sat down in front of the fireplace and pet the dogs, almost just like home. Then we had an awesome dinner and stared into our phones and "rested our eyes" as Laura put it. I felt insanely popular after receiving 7 friend requests (thanks to prom!), I downloaded all those pictures and realised how much I was going to miss those people.
Well, sure I miss my german people and they keep asking when exactly I will come home and I'm looking forward to a concert in Berlin and I miss my pets but I just started making some friends over here.
People are so awesome. They're more individual, they have fun, they like the same bands as me, the same movies, the same books..
The ones who are not participating in the exchange program keep telling me to come back and visit and I want to but I know that we'll never be that close, we'll never really get to know each other and that kind of upsets me.
Anyways, something about my experience with food ..
I'm used to stronger taste, I'm used to portions that you can actually finish, I'm used to not having to throw food away, I'm used to separating trash and recycling, I'm used to having to pay for every single drink and I'm surely not used to dry, mexican food.
I feel more healthy, is that possible?
Here I eat candy for breakfast (that's not the family's fault) but still I feel better than on a normal day back home.
That's it for now.

Samstag, 12. April 2014

Oh and I had my first slice of turkey today, my first twinkies, Wonka candy, Rolos, ..
Prom was awesome. It was a sunny day, we went over to a friend's house to get ready, went back home, took pictures, had dinner at a FULL restaurant and then went dancing.
It was so much fun, I just joined random people, made friends and danced to every song whether I knew it or not. Unforgettable night.

Dienstag, 8. April 2014

So yesterday we went to see the Rockies play (I forgot the opponent's name) and they won. People were quite surprised and yeah, that was my first baseball game.
It's an interesting sport, that coming from a person who is absolutely not interested in any kind of sport is a huge compliment. Well the stadium wasn't like FULL and it needed some time to warm the audience up but in the end it turned out quite nicely.
I would come along again.
What annoyed me, though was the fact that the commercial was EVERYWHERE. On the screens, displays, commercial follows you around. You can not escape.
It kind of makes me wonder, where will this end? The possibilities of commercials and ads everywhere are growing and there is nothing in the way.
I wonder how it will look like in twenty years. If it's already impossible to focus on the game now, what about later?
Well that's not my problem.
(I am moving to a lonely island soon)

Sonntag, 6. April 2014

I've been watching TV all day long.
Why are the commercials just so stupid?
And I thought german TV was bad.
So.. I'd like to talk about the really strange town structure here. Where does Thornton end and Northglenn start? I have no idea. I didn't even realise we really were in Denver until we got out of the bus. Every street kind of looks the same to me, okay that has to do with the fact that I'm not familiar with them but still, after going the same way for five times I still fail to remember it.
The huge streets also still slightly confuse me and I have no idea how someone would go shopping for groceries without a car. It might also explain why people get their driver's licenses sooner, you just can't get anywhere without driving.
I also can't find anything like a town's centre with shops mostly at one place, they are just scattered along the streets unless there is a mall or something.
I don't know what to think of all that, I'd have to live here for a longer time to really have an opinion.
But generally, everything in the U.S. just seems bigger.

Freitag, 4. April 2014

First, I'm going to talk about what life here usually is like. We get up at 5:30 to get to the mormon bible study thing on time (which is actually quite nice), then school: history, english, calculus, jazz band, homeroom lesson for the germans, free period and newspaper. (not in that order)
In newspaper I actually manage not to think about sleeping.
People are really really awesome, the whole atmosphere at school is quite friendly, everyone says hello and introduces themselves, it's just SO different from germany. I wish I could remember all their names and faces but .. sorry guys.
It's interesting to look at how the teachers work. Their voices are like super excited and motivated but the outcome is still just boredom. It might be because I don't understand their topics and don't really have to work and get grades, it's just my first impression.
When I walk around in the hallways .. I try to remember posters and paintings and door signs so I'll somehow find my way to the library or the room I just left. I guess I'm just going to avoid leaving any classroom without my host sister.
The water tastes like chlorine really badly. And the smell coming from the cafeteria makes me think of dirt cooked in a pan. Sorry about that.
I also really like the different types of people at school, their clothing, their hairstyles, it's all just more individual. They don't look like their parents dressed them up. Which happens often in germany.
Also, you're lost without a phone. They're everywhere, any time, any place and noone really complains. I don't know what to think of it but I like the new possibilities.
Today a girl I'd never seen before said hello to me and I said hello back because I was scared that I actually met her and just don't remember it anymore.


So.. I'm here, at Horizon High School in Thornton, CO in the computer lab and I'm supposed to make a blog about my experiences. So this is basically what you'll find here. It's for the teachers. Hey there.