Dienstag, 8. April 2014

So yesterday we went to see the Rockies play (I forgot the opponent's name) and they won. People were quite surprised and yeah, that was my first baseball game.
It's an interesting sport, that coming from a person who is absolutely not interested in any kind of sport is a huge compliment. Well the stadium wasn't like FULL and it needed some time to warm the audience up but in the end it turned out quite nicely.
I would come along again.
What annoyed me, though was the fact that the commercial was EVERYWHERE. On the screens, displays, commercial follows you around. You can not escape.
It kind of makes me wonder, where will this end? The possibilities of commercials and ads everywhere are growing and there is nothing in the way.
I wonder how it will look like in twenty years. If it's already impossible to focus on the game now, what about later?
Well that's not my problem.
(I am moving to a lonely island soon)

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